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The LM2 squad knew a win against Feathers would secure promotion to D4 with 2 games to spare.

1st pairing of Ben & Alex came through against the 1sts (who were actually the 2nds) in 3, wining the deciding end 10-21 (21-17,21-23,10-21)

0-1 Trinity 🥳

Next up, 2nd pair of newly formed partnership Khalid & Junak took on feathers 2nds (strongest pair) We were informed they are unbeaten all season 👀 This match was also going to 3… Unfortunately, our boys lost the 3rd end 24 -22 (17-22,21-19,24-22)

Feathers 1 😨

Trinity 1

3rd pairing of Darren & Jacob took on the 3rds, comfortable in 2 (16-21, 9-21)

Feathers 1

Trinity 2 🥳

Ben / Alex next took on the strong seconds. This was an epic game, going the distance also! Unfortunately, Feathers edged the game 24-22 in the 3rd with our boys having a match point but served into the net 😩

Trinity 2

Feathers 2 😰

Khalid / Junak next took on the 3rds, wining in 2. They made a bit of a meal out of the first game, but quickly took the 2nd end 12-21 (18-21,12-21)

Feathers 2

Trinity 3 🥳

Game 6, Darren and Jacob went to 3 against the 1sts…

No danger at all, they took the 3rd end 17-21)

Feathers 2

Trinity 4 🥳

Game 7, Alex and Ben took on the easy 3rds….

Well, we all assumed it would be easy… this was far from it 😳💥

This pair have already played 6 games, legs were tiring. Mix in the fact that Alex had been moving into his new love pad the same day, Ben still recovering from a 14hr bender at the weekend and a 620 mile round trip midweek… this could get close 😳

Close it was.. our lads lost the 1st end 23-21… but won the 2nd end 19-21!! This game again, going to 3 😂🥴😂

But boom… at 83p an end, value for money was ensured as they won the 3rd end “comfortably” 18-21 😳😂👌👌

Feathers 2

Trinity 5 🥳

Last game for Khalid/Junak against the 1sts…. No problem, wining in 2 (16-21,17-21)

Feathers 2

Trinity 6

Last game of the night, Darren & Jacob took on the strong 2nds

8-1 down so far in the 1st end, it’s not looking good against this unbeaten, seasoned pair 🥴 Jacob a very frustrated partner as Darren keeps on lifting and clearing… Jacob instructs Darren to just to play drop shots and smashes…Boom, we turned it around winning the 1st end 21-16.

Realising this pair hadn’t lost all season, with Promotion in the bag… we had nothing to lose. After playing some great badminton (watched by our very own cheerleader Tom) we came through in 2 winning the 2nd end 17-21)! 😃🔥💥🔥💥

Feathers 2

Trinity 7

Fantastic result against a good team! A shout out to everyone who played tonight, it was tough grind! But the pairing of the night goes to Darren & Jacob for taking 3 rubbers, including beating arguably one of the strongest pairs in D5.


LM2 Captain Darren

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This was a re-arranged fixture that I hadn’t noticed!! Luckily Ben came to the rescue & scrambled a team together in 15 mins, so we didn’t start the match until 8:40, but many thanks to Ben, Alex & Darren for stepping in.

This was a game against top of the division Avon & by a shear stroke of luck we had a strong team.

Pairs were Ben/Tracey, Alex/Darren. With minimal warm up A/D started off against the 2nd pair and got a fab win 21-19, 22-20. B/T were able to start shortly after, took the 1st pair to 3 games, but another great win 21-14, 15-21, 21-19. Time for the swap, A/D took the 1st pair to 3 aswell winning 21-18, 14-21, 23-21. B/T started against the 2nds & soon realised it was going to be a tough one. We lost the 1st 14-21, so went for a change of tactic. 2nd game was a lot closer losing 24-26.

The split was Ben/Alex and Darren/Tracey. We were 3 - 1 up so just needed 1 more game for the win. B/A secured it for us winning 21-13, 21-19. D/T game was a bit rushed as we were running short of time, we lost 8-21, 10-21. Overall result 4 - 2 Amazing Win 🎉

RB2 Captain Tracey

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